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The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park | Festival Lovers DREAM Wedding

wedding flat lay

I have a deep love for Suwannee and to be able to photograph weddings at this venue is a festival lovers DREAM. Kaitlyn and Eddie are truly the kindest people I have ever met and their Suwannee Wedfest was perfection . One thing I have learned from my many adventures at Suwannee River is that this place brings good people together. Life long friends. Fun fact my now husband proposed to me at this very same place... actually the camp site next to where they are sharing there farewell kiss. Romance buzzed through the air all day and night long. This was one of my favorite weddings this year. Here is their story and some help tips for any brides/grooms to be.

How did you know that you had found 'the one'?

When we realized we could 100% be our authentic selves around each other and we didn't get sick of each other! We couldn't imagine our lives without the other.

bride and groom in front of crowd at ceremony on spirit lake in Suwannee river

What's the story of how you and your spouse first met?

We were friends for a few years before we started dating. I was the "cute friend with a boyfriend" until he finally got his chance in 2019! Once we started hanging out more, things just clicked between us and we have been inseparable since!

Any one you would like to give a special thank you to in your blog?

If so now is the time to spot light them with all the mushy details. My mother for everything she did to make my day perfect. She made our florals, invitations, signs, baked cookies, and so much more. Literally could not have done it without her! Also wanted to shout out Kim from being an amazing photographer and hype girl from the very beginning. Highly recommend hiring her for any photography you might need!

"One of my favorite festival themed wedding decor to have is the festival essentials station. GLITTER tattoos are to die for!"

bride surrounded by florals

Did you and your partner have a specific wedding theme or style in mind? How did you go about incorporating it into your special day?

We got married at a music park and campground (most magical place ever) where music festivals happen there year round. Our theme was "wedfest", so we had custom wristbands, a table full of glitter, tattoos and other toys. Our seating chart and table numbers were made from records and we had a lot of disco balls!

bridal part at spirit lake hulaween wedding

What were the most important factors you considered when selecting your wedding venue?

Weddings are very expensive and we were trying really hard to remain within our budget. When we realized we could get married at Suwannee, and it was very affordable, it was a no brainer from there. I would say if you're struggling, don't feel penciled in to certain areas. We got married four hours away from home, because that's what was affordable for us. Every single person had to travel but it was a what we wanted and we knew the people who wanted to be there were going to make it happen.

bride and groom parachute game

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

All our future travels and adventures!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples for their wedding day?

Things are going to go wrong. Try not to stress about the little things and just enjoy the day to the best of your abilities. At the end of the day you're marrying your best friend. Also DO A FIRST LOOK. It takes away so much stress and gives you alone time to actually be with your spouse on your wedding day. It also allows you to get a lot of the pictures out of the way!

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. What were some of the key steps you took to stay organized and ensure a smooth process?

I allowed plenty of time to plan (about a year). I was lucky enough that my mom was retired and is very creative and organized so she helped me a lot to just think through my ideas and she helped them become a reality. I'd highly recommend a resource like that whether it be your spouse (if they're really willing and as into it as you) or by hiring a planner. There are so many details that it can be so much to think about but having someone to help think it all through is really helpful. There's tons of planning resources online as well with what needs to be done when, which can help you stay on track!

groom holding bride up and spinning her

Dream Team:

Florals: my amazing mother

Catering &Bakery : 11th street kitchen and Fenced-In BBQ

Rentals: Suwannee Rentals

Videography: Exciting Productions

Makeup: Emily Brun

Thank you for trusting me with your special day! xoxo Kim


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