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Affordable Boudoir photography that fits every budget.

What is a Boudoir session? A boudoir session is a chance to intimately connect with your own body, celebrate your unique beauty, and create timeless, personal art that captures the essence of your sensuality.


KimHearts Photography Studio our cozy sanctuary of sensuality nestled in the heart of Jacksonville, FL. Step into a world where lush tropical plants breathe life into your surroundings, reflecting the vibrant energy. Fresh Greenery throughout the room. Our studio is adorned with beautiful mirrors that capture every angle of your allure, while silk sheets beckon you to indulge in luxury and comfort. Sink into the embrace of our green velvet sofa, a plush oasis amidst the emerald green wall that envelop you in opulence and elegance. Let the ambiance of our studio inspire confidence and celebrate your beauty with timeless boudoir portraits crafted with love and artistry.

WHAT'S INCLUDED with this adventure

  • Dedicated photographer (Kim)

  • Pre-planning photoshoot

  • 1 hour session

  • 3-4 Outfits

  • Assistance with wardrobe styling

  • Posing and Direction

  • View a FULL gallery of photos in color and black and white

  • 10 fully edited digital images included

  • Image color correction/touch ups/color grading

  • Upgrades Availaible



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Add Ons

Upgrade your experience or book hair and makeup at the studio! Stephanie will make you feel like a rockstar with her hair and makeup experience!

  • Extra Hour of Shoot time

  • Polaroid w/10 instant prints

  • Wet Set Water | White tee-shirt approved

  • Honey | Free with planning

  • Make It Rain Money | Money Gun

  • Cloud et

An amazing Adventure awaits

hair and makeup:


Still Life

Indulge in the art of boudoir photography with Kimhearts Photography in Jacksonville, FL, where every image tells a unique story of beauty and empowerment. As a one-person business, Kimhearts Photography offers a personalized experience, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout your session. Located amidst the charm of Jacksonville, Kimhearts Photography captures the essence of your sensuality against the backdrop of this vibrant city. Celebrate yourself with tasteful and timeless boudoir portraits expertly crafted by Kimhearts Photography, where your beauty shines through in every frame.

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