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4 Top Picks for Hosting Your Baby Shower in Jacksonville 2024

Ready to throw a baby shower? Absolutely! Here is a short list of 4 top pick for hosting your baby shower in Jacksonville It's the perfect occasion to celebrate your pregnancy before your little bundle of joy arrives. As a maternity photographer and self-proclaimed "Hostess with the Mostest," I've had a blast attending and organizing countless baby showers in Jacksonville. The city offers a variety of venues that are ideal for both large and intimate gatherings.

Now, before we dive into the best baby shower venues in Jacksonville, let's chat about some classic options:

Classic Baby Shower Spots

  1. The Cozy Nest: Hosting your baby shower at your own home or a friend's place is a classic choice. It's perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings or even an outdoor party. You'll have the freedom to create a personal touch, and outdoor games add to the fun.

  2. Neighborhood Get-Together: Renting a neighborhood clubhouse is another classic option. These venues often come with game rooms, outdoor patios, and access to pools (for a small fee). A pool party in sunny Florida is a hit, especially for a spring or summer baby shower!

Now, let's talk about the coolest baby shower venues in Jacksonville!

 If your dream baby shower includes elegance and sophistication, "TEA on Talbot" is the place to be. This stunning venue is practically designed for baby showers, boasting a long table for snacking and plush velvet blue couches for you and your guests to relax. The in-house catering kitchen and outdoor patio add to its allure.

If you adore historic venues with a twist, look no further than "Brick and Beam." This 2,300 sq foot space in Jacksonville's historic district features exposed brick, both inside and outside, and a stunning mural. It's a perfect blend of chic and modern vibes - like stepping into another world!

The Lark's Charming Nest

For a place that exudes charm and character, "The Lark" in Downtown Jacksonville is a must-see. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, it offers a trendy vibe, that welcomes urban feel. Imagine having your baby shower at this stunning venue complemented by beautiful floral arrangements that merge seamlessly with the brick walls and light pouring in through the window.

Wicked Barley Tropical Oasis:

For a laid-back, tropical baby shower, "Wicked Barley" is the ultimate choice. Located by the water with a beachy atmosphere, it's perfect for a relaxed gathering. The outdoor green space is cozy, allowing you to put your feet in the sand without the saltwater. Plus, their tacos are a definite win!

Remember, whatever venue you choose, the goal is to have a stress-free and enjoyable baby shower experience. You deserve to celebrate this special time in your life with your loved ones, so go ahead and make it a memorable event! Don't forget to get your maternity photos taken before the shower - capture these precious moments before they pass by too quickly!

4 of the best baby shower locations


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